Peace - in a coffee table book


From CISV News, Issue 4 / October 2008

Congratulations to CISV Sweden whose successful bid through the ‘Folke Bernodotte Academy’ has provided resources to write a book on ‘Peaceeducation’. The book aims to discuss the concept of Peace Education and how CISV works with it.

It will include background information on the concept of Peace, inspirational figures over the years and link the culture of Peace to our educational approach, content and initiatives. The book will also contain thought provoking photographs, examples of activities and questions for the reader to think about, whether they are CISV active or not. The book will be available in hard copy and digital format

Pocket T, BIG T and the book will form  a series with, which we hope to launch in early March of 2009, in time for all CISV Regional Training Forums. By publishing the three together we will be able to ensure consistency of content, language and style and so produce a series of books that can be used for training and marketing across CISV. These four will replace the old Education Circle and BIG T will replace the education and evaluation sections of the General Programme Guide and Section T.