... "I felt like they were my lifetime friends"

Här kommer en 11-årings berättelse efter sitt första CISV-äventyr! Förutom "national nights" gillade Hassan också "flag time", springaktiviteter, vattenlekar "lullabies" och otaliga fler saker. Han tyckte att det värsta var att lägret bara varade i en månad.

Hi. My name is Hassan El kafrawy. I’m an eleven year old from Cairo, Egypt. I feel very proud and very lucky to have been a participant in Little Friends Village in Sweden. My Village experience has been absolutely AMAAAAAAAAZING, like Mark our fabulous kitchen staff, who I miss very much by the way, used to say! What can I tell you about my camp? It was 4 weeks of happiness, best memories, and great friendships from all around the world.

The camp introduced me to all kinds of people who are very different from me in every way. They look different, speak a different language and believe in a different religion, but that really doesn’t matter to me because I love them all. National nights were the best as we got to learn about each country, try their famous dish and watch delegations perform a national dance. I really loved all of them, but especially the Brazilian national night because their delegation made us feel as if we were in a street carnival in Sao Paulo!

One of my favorite parts of the day was flag time because I learnt to say good morning and good night in 12 different languages, Nati Nati I also enjoyed Activity 2, the running games and water games as well as listening to Bashir and Astrid play the guitar during lullabies. My favorite camp highlights were calling the Brazilian JC Avocado and having most of the participants trying to imitate my special sound, but they couldn’t! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH J! We also tried to make our camp different by calling each activity time by a funky song

The worst thing about CISV Village is that it’s only for one month! Saying goodbye in the last day during the lighting ceremony was very hard for me. I kept crying like I could water trees with my tears. When I landed back home, all I really wanted to do was to hop on the first plane to the country of every delegation in my camp to see my friends again. It’s really funny how I felt like they were my lifetime friends. It was very sad for me to have to leave them, the JC’s, the staff members and the leaders. I’m very happy that we made a lip dub for our camp, at least it means I have a video to watch every day of my CISV family.

”We in this together; here our heart beat together; we stand strong together and we’re in this forever.”

Tack så mycket - SWEDEN 

Hassan El Kafrawy,
barn från Egypten