..."the best summer of my life!"

Juniorledaren Joäo Braghini från Brasilien deltog på Little Friends Village som vi arrangerade i somras. Här förklarar han hur han fick det bästa av två världar, att vara barn och vuxen.

Five years ago I was going to my first CISV program a international Village in Brazil, it was my first contact with CISV where everything started. 

When I arrived in Sweden I was so nervous but I was very excited because I knew that the best summer of my life was just beginning.

In these camp as a JC I could see CISV from a another point of view I didn’t have all the responsibility that a leader have and I didn’t have all the free time that a children have and because of that I could see the funny part and the seriously part a about a village.

Everyone in the Little Friend Village is now a part of my life I will remember every single person And I will keep all these memories about these camp forever, everything that I learned about others culture and way of life and that’s why these camp was the best summer of my life!

Joäo Braghini,
Juniorledare från Braslien