Conflict and Resolution

Mosquito Methods - Conflict and Resolution

Some people are afraid of conflict, although they do not need to be. Conflicts will always emerge when people of different thoughts, ideas, opinions, feelings and behaviours meet and live together. It is quite normal. What we need to get better at is to find creative and peaceful solutions to conflicts. A conflict is often an opportunity for creating something new and better, where different values and experiences are woven together.

Resolution is reached when there are good possibilities of communication, co-operation and critical thinking. To study conflicts and understand why they emerge is important, because only then can we see to counteract and deal with structural violence in a long term perspective.

There are different types of conflicts between people, organisations and nations. To understand why conflicts emerge, start by reflecting over the conflicts that you yourself are part of, and consider why and how they emerged.

Mosquito Methods – Conflict and Resolution explores three diverse areas of conflict and human interaction, with activities to open up a discussion and educate a group about these topics. You can access a free PDF version of the book on the bottom of the page, or order a printed copy via the menu on the left.