Mosquito Methods - Diversity

Diversity is about discovering, respecting and learning from differences between and within groups of people. It is about being aware of your part in a group or society, but also about awareness of others and their parts. It is important that we learn to appreciate the fact that not everybody thinks alike, looks the same or wants the same things.

Diversity is about both differences and similarities, and every group we are part of have their own version of diversity. The trick is to use the diversity to your advantage - in that way we learn new things and become more creative. When we focus on diversity we see what possibilities and skills that people have. By exploring ourselves and our own identity, we develop ourselves and the groups and cultures we are part of.

To be aware of diversity is also about thinking of others and to pay attention to discrimination, inequality and injustice. Although we do not always think about it, most of what we do on a daily basis affects others.

In this book we will explore some of the different perspectives of diversity. We will focus on age, ethnicity, sexuality and gender. There are of course more parts of diversity, and hopefully this book will help you to reflect on how diversity is a part of your life, and in what ways it affects you. You can access a free PDF version of the book on the bottom of the page, or order a printed copy via the menu on the left.