Human Rights

Mosquito Methods - Human Rights

When speaking of Human Rights, we often mean the 30 articles of the United Nations Universal Declaration of the Human Rights accepted back in 1948. The idea that all humans are equals might not be controversial today, yet there is not a single place in the world where these 30 articles are fully satisfied.

To be aware of our current Human Rights is a start, but since the first declaration was signed more have been added. As our societies change and develop new questions are raised about who and what deserves to be covered by international conventions. Only through constantly questioning and evaluating what minimum we all deserve can we keep our Human Rights relevant and sufficient.

Since 1948 another nine declarations have been accepted by the UN's General Assembly, the latest addition covering sexuality and gender identity rights, addressing issues that would not have been raised had it not been for people actively questioning the Human Rights’ coverage.

In this book we will dive into very different aspects of Human Rights, with personal stories shared on differing topics. We have split the book into four chapters, progressing from Discovering Human Rights to Human Rights on a Personal, Local and lastly International level. Through the four activities at the end of each chapter we hope to spark a discussion leading to a deeper understanding of Human Rights and in what ways they still present a global challenge for us all.

This book describes and discusses Human Rights issues on three different levels; personal, local and international level. In this way we hope to inspire the reader to develop new educational content to educate and empower individuals in new, creative ways. The book is available in a printed version that can be ordered through the form below, or you could access a free PDF version of the book on the bottom of the page.