Sustainable Development

Mosquito Methods - Sustainable Development

Most of the issues of the world do not stop at regional or national borders, but have to be solved both at a global and local level. The goal is to make sure all people have the possibilities to live a good life today without interfering in future generations’ possibilities to do the same.

Sustainable development is about focusing on earth as a joint system of life, rather than focusing on the individual and her needs. Sustainable development is about making sure the world is a good place to live in, today as well as in the future. Sustainability needs to impregnate everything from leadership to the ways we treat nature.

The Mosquito Methods – Sustainable Development book does not stop at describing, question and underline ecological sustainability, but also dedicate a chapter each to social sustainability and economical sustainability to help us widen the spectrum of CISV education on the topic of sustainable development. You can access a free PDF version of the book on the bottom of the page, or order a printed copy via the menu on the left.