Let this journy beggin!!

So where do we start? It's almost April and the planning goes foreward. We all in the staff group are all so excited for the summer! So in this post I want to share what we done so far!


After a quick process when writing Pre camp 1 we started to have longer meetings to write a good Pre camp 2! We celebrated my birthday by having a "cake party" and writing about a lot of necessery things like the Swedish royal family! Here is Veronika, Cici and Kalle!

Me and Veronica are also busy by being a part of CISV Sweden. In marsh we took the train 5 hours away for an annual meeting with the organisation. This was in a small place outside Stockholm. The house and weather was typical for middle part of Sweden!

On the train home we had a meeting with our Co planner from the chapter, Jenny!

In the end of marsh we had one more "writing meeting" to complete Pre Camp 2. During this meeting Cici had to go early beacuse she had to go to the train and meet up her delegation for an Youth meeting in Denmark that are in progress right now!

Today me and the co planner Jenny went to Lomma and "Vinstorpskolan" (Vinstorpschool) to look at the place where the camp will be held! Here I am outside the school! Tomorrow it's an holiday in Sweden and I have the day off from work, so I'm gonna sit down with the computer and finalize Pre camp 2!

Yours sincerly

- Caroline
Camp Director