Regional Impact and Copenhagen

Hello dear readers and thank you for your patience. :)
Actually SO much has happened since my last blog so I'll get right to it.

May 7-9 were the regional impact training weekends for interchange and summer camp. I was training the summer camp leaders in region south. It was strange and fun to have a weekend with kids again. Having the kids around made me realize the last CISV activity I did with people under 16 was a summer camp in 2005!

Other than the fact that the heating didn't work and it was a VERY cold weekend, it was nice to be there and it was also fun to hang out with Tove (Casen) who was in a camp with me in 2006.

(Tove training a session)

Straight after that I headed to Copenhagen to pass the few days before the RTF (=regional training forum), as it made more sense then coming back to Stockholm. So it was back to Ea's flat (now also known as my "Copenhagen home"). When I arrived in Copenhagen we had a mini-reunion from IYM Israel last summer, with Vinh and Iben. We had lots of laughs brining up memories and looking at videos from camp such as the staff's impersonation on the last day (doing Abudi, Niklas, Edouard, Subhi, Alex and Lotta - Vinh's acting of Abudi is just priceless) and also of Alejo doing tektonic on the talent show... good times. 

(with Vinh and Iben)

Monday night it was a nice dinner at Ea's and Bernt's with Eetu and Vinh. LOTS and LOTS of laughs (partly because of some gin and tonic but mainly because of the company). 

Then came Tuesday, also known as "Eetu and Einav's DAY OF FUN" (the same tone as "Joey and Janice's day of fun!!" for all you Friends viewers out there). We went to Tivoli and since it was during the day on a Tuesday the park was pretty empty so there were no lines which allowed us to do many many ride (25 in total actually... we counted). It was so much fun. I think my body was a bit upset with me for making it twist and turn and twirl 25 times in one day... :)


(the pretty flowers in Tivoli)

(Eetu and me)

Tuesday night we met up with all the RTF people that were already in Copenhagen and we went out together which was fun but I was really exhausted.

Then the next morning it was up early and off to Emmaboda, where the RTF took place...

In order for this post not to be too long I will leave you here and write a separate post on the RTF. 

Till next time!


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