Staba ett seminarieläger? CISV Finland söker stabsmedlem akut!

CISV Finland söker just nu med ljus och lykta efter en person som vill staba deras Seminarieläger, med start strax efter midsommar. Är det du eller någon du känner?

We have been approached by CISV Finland's president Bernardo Clementino about the serious need for strengthening their hosting team due to a staff shortage in their upcoming Seminar Camp (S-2018-005, 29 June - 19 July 2018, FIN - Tampere). The camp starts in 2 weeks (!) and the chapter is urgently looking for more staff, preferably with Seminar Camp experience. Travel costs are not relevant, you can also reach out to your friends form other regions. Chapter support during the camp is in place and arranged.

Prospect staff members should be available from Jun 27th - July 21st (especially the arrival two days prior to the camp start would be important, to make sure that the staff receives a complete training; a trainer is available!).
All interested persons should get in touch with Bernardo directly: finland@remove-this.cisv.org

Can you please all share this information widely within your networks to spread the word and tap candidates on the shoulders. We need to find a solution very quickly and hope that we can make joint efforts to find suitable and available CISVers!

Thanks for your support!

Nairy and Micha
Regional Coordinators for Educational Programs in EMEA